Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sharing My Event Thoughts

So I've decided to start my own blog about the world of events. Why?...Why not?

I've been in and around the event world since 1996 when I started Event Solutions Magazine while working for Virgo Publishing as an editor/publisher/start-up expert. I had worked on and started several other magazines and trade shows for Virgo during my 8 years of employment with them. Some of the publications I started and ran became very successful and were ultimately handed off to others to maintain. Over time I fell in love with this particular magazine and industry and in 2001 I purchased the magazine from Virgo Publishing and started my own publishing company. That story in and of itself is an entertaining story and I'll share that in a future blog post.

I owned and operated Event Solutions up until November of 2009 when I finally sold the publication and now work only as a consultant for the magazine. The publication is in good hands and has some very talented people managing the day-to-day operations and I'm confident they'll do a wonderful job taking it to the next level.

In the meantime, I thought I'd spend a little more time talking about some of the things I see and think about the industry. I have an opinion like everyone else (no need to finish that line) and maybe there's a handful of people out there who may wish to hear that opinion on occasion. We'll see.

I'm not entirely sure what direction this blog will take. I may take some pretty strong stands on certain issues, I may not. I may say some nice things about friends, companies and products which I like. One of the nice things about a blog is you don't have all the same restrictions that you do when you're an industry magazine. I can say and do anything I like. I'm not beholden to anyone or any particular cause. That may change over time, but for now I'm a clean slate. So we'll see what the future brings.

If you think there's something of interest I should be talking about, don't hesitate to bring it to my attention. If you want me to give you a plug? Send me a note. I'm not making any promises but you never know. I'll send my posts to my FB and Twitter accounts so you can forward along anything of interest to your own networks. And feel free to post comments or counter-arguments whenever you like.

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